Hard Does Not Equal Bad

Earlier this week I heard a couple speak at a fundraising luncheon for work. The wife, Rachel, said something that my weary and tired heart needed to hear. “Hard does not equal bad. Hard just equals hard.” Life right now is hard and intense. It is not bad, just hard. As I think about the […]

Keeping a Journal

Last week I thought about a journal I have not written in for many years. I really wanted to find it because the words that were written on the pages are from a very difficult and painful time in my life. My friend and mentor, Annabelle gave me this journal. It’s very special to me for […]


I’m not sure why but I have always wanted mentors in my life. There were many years I had a constant, steady stream of mentors pouring into me their wisdom and guidance. Some where along the way the stream dried up for one reason or another. I missed having mentors/friends that I could go to and […]

The Cottage

Every once in a while I see a photo of the cottage my grandparents had on Otsego Lake in Gaylord, MI and I long for the summer days I spent there. It is there that I spent hours with a notebook and pen writing thoughts and letters to friends. It was here that  my grandmother […]

Photo Shoot!

Saturday morning I woke up early to go and do a photo shoot with my mom and my friend, Shellbie. Four years ago I found my Great Grandmother Miles’ wedding dress. She wore it in 1923. I was in awe and completely captivated by this dress that is close to 100 years old! It is […]