My friend, Amelia

This weekend I had the opportunity to spend time with my friend, Amelia. This was not easy¬†as my schedule seems to stay full and¬†Amelia’s health challenges have made it difficult for even a short visit. A few weeks ago I really felt that I needed to visit Amelia. It was important and I prayed that […]

Heartbreak and Joy

  Yesterday was a hard day. I woke up at 3am to see that I had a couple texts from a friend that caused me to wake up a bit more than I planned. (She sent them much earlier in the evening.) As I laid in bed wondering what in the world was happening I […]

Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day! While most years I feel “meh” about this day and I will be honest, I feel that way about it again this year. I had the opportunity to be a part of something really cool that has made it less “meh”. Every year the founder of the organization I work for, Joni […]


Over the last month I have taken a blogging break. To say I was a little overwhelmed would be an understatement. During my blogging break I took time to read many of my friend’s writing to be encouraged and refreshed. I wanted to share one of the posts I read recently that was encouraging and […]

Someone Who Encouraged Me:

  This is a photo of me and my grandmother (Peabody). I was three weeks old when the photo was taken. I look at it everyday and remember how much she encouraged me in all that I was/am passionate about. Especially when it came to putting pen to paper. She and my grandfather gave me […]