Hard Does Not Equal Bad

Earlier this week I heard a couple speak at a fundraising luncheon for work. The wife, Rachel, said something that my weary and tired heart needed to hear. “Hard does not equal bad. Hard just equals hard.” Life right now is hard and intense. It is not bad, just hard. As I think about the […]


There have been a lot of transitions that have taken place in my life the last three months. In the beginning of the year I had no idea I would be going through a season of this many transitions. They are both personal and professional. (Don’t worry, I still work for Joni and Friends!) I have […]

Amazing Grace

Sunday morning at 5:30am I was wide awake and not happy about it. But the disappointment and discouragement I was feeling was enough to wake me so very early in the morning. Later on in the morning I sat in church alone and wrote this: I woke up this morning with a great sense of […]

JAF Conference/New Job

On January 13th I flew out to California for the Joni and Friends staff conference and had a blast! I loved getting to know more people within the organization and learn more about who I am working for and with. I can honestly say I met a lot of new friends and was able to […]

Craving Grace by Lisa Velthouse

I love to read and write so doing a review should be easy for me right? When I decided to read and review Lisa’s book, I didn’t realize that writing the review would be so hard. I wanted a perfect review to come flowing from my fingertips to the keyboard, only to realize I wasn’t […]