Discipline: activity, exercise, or a regimen that develops or improves a skill; training. This is one definition of “discipline” according to dictionary.com. This year as my marathon training season has begun I have thought more about discipline and how I could benefit from being a more disciplined runner. With this in mind, I have been contemplating […]

Busiest Season Of My Life

The Christmas season has come and gone and of course I now reflect on all that took place in the past year and look forward to all that I can only dream of taking place in the new year. With all honesty I feel I have walked through one of the busiest seasons in my […]

I’m A Marathoner

WOW…26.2 miles have been run, the medal is in hand and the soreness abounds. I couldn’t sleep the night before the race and to be honest it didn’t even seem real that I was going to run a marathon. I’ve been training for months putting in early mornings and long hours for this. Yet, it […]

Allume Headshots and My Marathon

I found out earlier today that the head shots I took at the Allume Conference were up. I couldn’t wait to see how my they turned out. I decided to post a few that I love and see which one you all like best. 🙂 First, I want to let you all know I LOVED […]

Allume, Marathon and School

In three weeks I will be heading to the Allume conference with my friend, Amy! I am very excited about going and learning as much as I can about the blogging world. I’m praying I will be able to really enjoy my time and not worry about everything else taking place in the next month. […]