Welcome 2016 – My One Word

Happy New Year everyone! It is hard to believe that 2015 is now officially over. As I reflect on 2015 I am grateful for a year that challenged me in more ways than I could have possibly imagined at the beginning. This year I went back to college to finish my degree, became an aunt, […]


  There are many things needing my attention lately and I have felt the need to take a few steps back to rest. I did that last weekend. I visited Charleston and although I spent a great deal of time working on school work, I took time for a walk and took some photos. It was […]

My One Word for 2015

Instead of doing New Years resolutions (which never work for me) I did the One Word 365 challenge where I picked a word that I would focus on throughout 2014 and see how it impacted my life. My word “fearless” proved to be the right word for me last year. I became fearless and I […]

Unexpected Gifts

Last weekend I was given the unexpected gift of a place to go and relax. It was beautiful. The perfect place for me to be refreshed and renewed at this time. I spent time writing and taking photos of my surroundings. I continue to run (no pun intended 🙂 ) myself ragged and I don’t […]

Updates and Prayers Needed

I wanted to post an update on Hannah for you all. Thank you all for the prayers you have prayed for Hannah! She is doing better and hopefully will be heading home this week. Here is a photo of her smiling and getting some sun! Please continue to pray for Hannah and her parents. I […]