A few weeks ago, my boss showed us a video at work that I have been meaning to share with you. This is worth a few minutes of your time! 🙂 [youtube=] I understand how this young boy wants his brother to experience everything he does even though he can not experience it the same […]


If it were easy, everyone would be doing it. This quote is one that my runner, Jules, has told one of my other runners, Bette, during our long mileage runs on Saturdays. It was stuck in Bette’s head this past weekend while she ran another half marathon. They both told me about it and well, […]

Another Half Marathon!

I have completed another half marathon! I took it a bit easier with this race and ran it with one of my closest running friends, Caroline! I loved crossing the finish line with her. What a joy to see my parents, our running group, and Caroline’s husband and kids at the end cheering us on! […]

He Finished a 5k

Saturday morning, I ventured out with my parents to watch them complete another 5k. I absolutely love being out at the finish line cheering on my parents and also my friends who are racing. This is a huge accomplishment for all of them. They train hard and work towards the next PR (Personal Record). A […]

Hardest Race So Far

Last Saturday I ran the hardest race of my running career. I am not sure why I thought that a 5k at the National White Water Center would be another just another race, but I did. I was clearly WRONG! 🙂 The race was a bit more than a 5k and not a road race. […]