Discipline: activity, exercise, or a regimen that develops or improves a skill; training. This is one definition of “discipline” according to dictionary.com. This year as my marathon training season has begun I have thought more about discipline and how I could benefit from being a more disciplined runner. With this in mind, I have been contemplating […]

Allume, Marathon and School

In three weeks I will be heading to the Allume conference with my friend, Amy! I am very excited about going and learning as much as I can about the blogging world. I’m praying I will be able to really enjoy my time and not worry about everything else taking place in the next month. […]

Faith and Running

Last night a friend of mine sent me a devotional that related how the Christian faith is much like running an endurance race. When I first started running I knew there was something more for me than “just running”. I was learning, growing and experiencing this new found love of running in a much different […]

Another Half Marathon!

I have completed another half marathon! I took it a bit easier with this race and ran it with one of my closest running friends, Caroline! I loved crossing the finish line with her. What a joy to see my parents, our running group, and Caroline’s husband and kids at the end cheering us on! […]

Hardest Race So Far

Last Saturday I ran the hardest race of my running career. I am not sure why I thought that a 5k at the National White Water Center would be another just another race, but I did. I was clearly WRONG! 🙂 The race was a bit more than a 5k and not a road race. […]