My friend, Amelia

This weekend I had the opportunity to spend time with my friend, Amelia. This was not easy as my schedule seems to stay full and Amelia’s health challenges have made it difficult for even a short visit. A few weeks ago I really felt that I needed to visit Amelia. It was important and I prayed that in the right time I would get to visit with her. That time was this weekend. I want share the story of how we connected and then ask you to pray for her and her family. I have specific prayer request at the end.

There are a many things that connected me to Amelia. First, our writing (we both blog), our love of reading, disability (Amelia has cerebral palsy, my brother does too), our faith, and an active prayer life. When I first read Amelia’s blog and reached out to her I had no idea how much she would teach me about prayer. At the end of our first phone conversation she asked, “how can I specifically be praying for you?”. I answered her question and asked the same of her. After she finished answering she said, “okay, I’m going to pray now”. She wasn’t flippant in asking which is something I have unfortunately gotten used to when people asked me how they can be praying for me. It had been a while since someone sincerely asked and immediately prayed for me.

Our friendship has been marked and the foundation was set by intentionally praying for one another. Never flippant or trite, always sincere and intentional. Because of Amelia asking me and being intentional with praying, I now do the same for others. I don’t want to be flippant or trite when someone asks me to pray for them. When I ask someone how I can be praying for them or they ask me to pray for them, I take as much time as I can to pray for that person. I stop what I’m doing and pray. There are times when I send a text with a prayer so that the person knows specifically what I am praying for them. Amelia has taught me a lot more than just intentional prayer. Her faith and love for the Lord deepens with whatever struggle she faces. Trust me, she is facing a lot right now.

After a visit with my friend, I now come to all my other friends asking for prayer. I’m not looking for the flippant “I’ll be praying”. I’m looking for the “I’m stopping what I’m doing and praying and will continue to pray for Amelia”. She has infections that are not going away with the antibiotics she is on. She is tired and in pain every day. She needs healing from these infections and to gain strength in her body to fight them.

Please pray for

  • Healing of the infections.
  • Strength to come so that she can move around.
  • For her parents. They are her daily caregivers and have been incredible in taking care of all her needs. As with any caregiver, you can become tired and worn out very quickly.
  • Pray for mental health as she is homebound and not able to move around much.
  • Pray for joy, peace, and contentment during this time.
  • Pray for the doctors that are treating and will be treating Amelia. Pray that they will have wisdom and understanding.

I am asking that you pray and share this post with your friends and ask them to pray for Amelia. Use the hashtag: #prayersforAmelia when sharing this post. In turn, if you need prayer or would like prayer for someone else, leave a comment and let me know. (If you would like to send a private message, please do so and I will make sure Amelia receives it.) I know that Amelia will be reading the comments and of course I will be too and we would love to pray for you. To see encouraging posts from Amelia please go click here, Amelia’s blog.

Thank you all!

Me and Amelia when she was in the hospital last year.


  1. Stephen Bernier says

    Abba, in your mercy, compassion, loving kindness and grace grant Amelia the miracle she needs for her body. Cause the infection to leave her body. You are the great physician and all praise, glory and honor goes to you. B’shem Yeshua ha Mashiach (in the name of Jesus the Messiah) amen.

    • Lena beas says

      Our Father in Heaven who knows exactly what Amilia needs and knows what we want for her.I pray God you will calm her and give her peace. Pray you will give her an understanding as to what is going on.Help her Lord to reach out to more people for that is where you find peace.God I pray for her parents right now …give them physical peace wether that comes in needed sleep or just peace about the situation .Their faith is mighty and strong ,I’m not praying for more faith just peace and a stillness.Rouch Amelia in a way you never have and let her feel that touch.Amen

  2. Sherie says

    Amelia is such a special person. I was able to learn life lessons, the kind that you don’t even know you are being taught at the time, just by being her classmate. Thank you for being such a special person for her. I have prayed. I will continue to pray.

  3. Ann I Jewell says

    I have known Amelia since GOD brought her into this world. She lives her faith everyday. And her parents are a bright example of love. I am praying right now for Amelia and her parents. I am calling them by name for God to touch each one for healing, strength and peace for the days to come. Amelia you are loved by many of us who rarely get to see you, but love you and are praying for your healing!!! You are an angel and God has you in HIS hands both now for all days forward. Our love to you and your family!! Ann

    • admin says

      Hi Alisa, Thank you for praying for Amelia! I have prayed for your son, Lane, and will continue to do so! Would it be okay if I connected you to another family I know who also has a son who is 4 years old (I believe) and has cerebral palsy? Thank you for sharing your prayer request! ~ Becky

  4. Lori Brown says

    Lord, my heart hurts just hearing this! I don’t even know what to say. Please be with Amelia & bring her healing that only you can grant. Comfort her and give peace & energy to keep fighting. Help her not to despair or feel alone bc of her circumstances. Give her hope & joy even in this. Bless her as she has blessed so many others & taught us so much!!! Keep shining through her & making her more and more like You. Give relief & energy to her family as they care for her. In Your name!

  5. Stefani S says

    Heavenly Father, I come to you with prayers for your girl, Amelia. She needs you to move on her behalf Father. Please I pray for her infections, asking you to clear them up, eliminate them from her body, heal her please of all infection. I ask you to give her strength so that she might be able to move. She is weak Father so that makes you strong. Give her your strength in her weakness. I pray for her parents Father who, you know, are her caregivers. Oh it takes a lot Father to be all to one with disability. They love her so and want all for her. Give them strength and comfort and good rest when they lay down to sleep. I pray for Amelia and her mind Father. Keep her in perfect peace, let her mind be staided on you that she might not waver or succumb to any of the enemies tricks within her thinking. Holy Spirit fill her mind with thoughts that are good and true and of good report. Let no destructive or damaging ideas, thoughts or fantasy come to her mind. Give her your peace. Let her know even more of the joy being your daughter already brings to her. Broaden her prayer base so that her gift and dedication to prayer will grow out and benefit others and let her know the contentment of knowing that you are using her and know all about her. Then last Father, please be with any and all doctors that have to do with Amelia. Give them wisdom and profound skill. Give them mercy and caring for her and her treatment. Thank you dear Almighty and Wonderful Heavenly Father for hearing these prayers for your girl, Amelia, who you love and who you love having lifted up before you in prayer. I ask in the might y and precious name of Jesus, your son and our saviour. Amen.

    • admin says

      Stefani, That was a beautiful prayer! Thank you for sharing and praying for Amelia. Just so you know, I pray for you often! ~ Becky

  6. Amy Kendrick says

    Almighty God, I lift up Amelia in prayer today. I had the privilege to meet her many years ago when she was a student a Burns High School. In the brief times that I have seen her, what I noticed is her beautiful smile and wonderful spirit. She exudes your Spirit that shines from within her. I pray right now for her healing. Please take away the infection in her body and renew her strength. Give her peace and surround her with your Love. In Jesus holy name, Amen.

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