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Today I am very excited and nervous all at the same time to share some news with you! I am officially an author on the Irresistible Church blog that Joni and Friends has created with resources for churches, volunteers and caregivers. I have been asked to write blog posts for typical siblings and my first post went live yesterday! I am nervous about how the post will be received. I know that’s crazy but that is part of being vulnerable and sharing your heart with others. To me this post was more of a risk than previous posts I have written. It’s a bit more personal. It hits home hard. My words are not minced and honestly they are a bit raw. Still raw enough that when I read the post I slightly cringe inside and tears threaten to flow down my cheeks. So without further adu here is the post:

Friendship For My Brother

Recently I read an article that said, “My sibling has a disability and no one wants to be their friend.” Oh how my heart ached when I read that. I felt like I had been punched in the gut once again with memories of desperately seeking out friendships for my brother, Matthew, who has cerebral palsy, ADHD, and learning disabilities. I have quietly wrestled with this challenge throughout my childhood and into adulthood. I don’t know of anyone that wants to see their sibling friendless, with or without a disability.

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Check out the full site. It has resources and shares events that are taking place with each area ministry office. Also, my co-worker and friend, Kate, has written some blog posts as well! Please share with your family and friends!


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